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Knotlost Fishing charters

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What to bring

Bring appropriate Clothing: It of course depends on the time of the year, but cloths that are warm enough are necessary. Sometimes the wind will cut through anything you seem to wear, even though you can get out of most of the wind, in the spring it’s still cold. Plan on temperatures that are 15` colder than what it is on shore and its a good estimate of what the temps without the wind will be on the boat.

Fishing Licence for every one that needs one.

A cooler for your fish: Cleaning your fish is not included, but if needed is $4.00 a fish when the fish cleaning station is open.

Any snacks and food items you would like: You are welcome to bring any drinks you would like. We get back normally before lunch in morning charters there is none included in the charter, and evening charters can go later. But there is a refrigerator, if you would like to store stuff in it.

If you suffer from sea sickness: you should take some precautions before we leave the dock! There are no refunds for returning to the dock for sea sickness problems!

I would offer this advice though; the sea bands that go around the wrist and apply pressure to a point on the wrist to cure sea sickness work great – to wipe the vomit off your chin.

The nature remedies and herbs work great – to make vomit taste better.

The full-blown “it makes you sleepy” over the counter drugs work most of the time. This has been the experience on my boat.

To get your fishing licences you can visit this page, remember everyone has to have a NYS fishing licence! This link will take you in NYS web pages http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/95007.html

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